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Raspberry Pi Backup Server

Last week I presented on How Do I Make a backup server with a raspberrypi. I covered going from a fresh pi to working network drive in probably about 30 minutes of actual work along with 30 minutes of talking about options for other things to do. There were 6 or so people that came and for those people, and others that could not make it, here are my notes on how to do this. It is not a recipe file with step by step with commands that can be cut and pasted. This is because there are lots of options and the values I use are going to be different that what you will need on your network. These instructions will guide you through this and tell you where to get things.

Buy raspi 2 or 3, hard drive(s), case(s), sd card
Download Raspian –
Write image to sd card –
connect keyboard and network to raspi

Boot raspi
login: pi password: raspberry

edit /etc/default/keyboard, change gb to us, save and reboot

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

useradd to create the network backup owner
ssh-keygen to make .ssh and some keys
edit ~netback/.ssh/authorized_keys to add your keys

apt-get install samba samba-common-bin nfs-common nfs-server rsync

parted to check partitions on USB disks
mkfs to create the file systems
edit /etc/fstab to mount the USB drives

edit /etc/samba/smb.conf
start nmbd and smbd
smbpasswd -a netback
edit /etc/exports
update the nfs-kernel-server files
start service
Use rsync from linux or mac to backup to the raspi

export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin

if [ “X$1” == “X” ]; then
echo “Missing argument”
echo “Usage: $0 {1|2}”
exit 1

DAY=`date +%d`

if [ -d $BACKDIR ]; then
rm -rf $BACKDIR

mkdir $BACKDIR

time rsync -avHb –backup-dir=$BACKDIR –delete$SRCDIR . > $LOGFILE 2>&1

tail -30 $LOGFILE | Mail -s “rasp01 nightly sync $1 of colossus”

exit 0

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How Do I … Encryption


padlock-157619_960_720[1]Next week, June 14th we’ll be continuing our seminar series that teaches about core things we use. This month will be an introduction to encryption. This will be a hands on, practical learning about the basics of things like symmetric vs asymmetric ciphers, hashing vs key derivation functions, the good and bad of normal algorithms, and maybe some demos using existing libraries like NaCL. As always, this is open to the public and all are welcome. You can RSVP here┬áso that we can plan for enough spots.

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GPG Stuff

On April 12 at the Interlock there was a “How do I …” class on generating GPG keys and what to do with them when preparing to go to a key signing event. Then at BSides Rochester on April 23 there was such an event. Following the key signing event at BSides there was a repeat of the class on generating your GPG keys.

Now for a follow up to the follow up, Interlock is hosting a Crypto Party on Friday, May 5 at 7PM as a prelude to the regular 2600 meeting. So come out on Friday to get your keys signed!

If you missed both classes but are still interested in having a secret decoder ring of your very own the slides are now available here.


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