Interlock is a non-profit organization that provides space for its members and the local community to develop and share their interests in science, technology, art, and culture.

Lightning Smarts

Last night more than two dozen people joined us for our second edition of Lightning Talks. A time for people to share their interests or a random subject they’ve just learned. The talks showed the range of knowledge of Interlock from artificial intellegence, soldering, art history, orienteering, making booklets, cross site scripting attacks, the board game go, IRSSI, cat5 cables, learning how to program, things going on at RIT, guest wireless access points, offsite backup solutions, and 3D molecule rendering.


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  1. 1 Andrei Mouravski said at 7:09 pm on March 10th, 2010:

    That first image is a perfect publicity photo for Interlock. :]

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