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Ham Club Station


Given our number of active (“radioactive”?) amateur radio enthusiasts, we recently applied for a club station license to give Interlock its very own call sign. The paperwork arrived last night and we’re pleased to announce that Interlock now has an official presence on the air. The aptly named call sign, K2HAX, has also been applied for.

We are currently VHF/UHF capable using a homemade J-Pole antenna. Our roof antenna project is progressing nicely and, despite a few snags, the necessary supplies will soon be ordered in hopes of being functional before the city experiences any significant snowfall. When all is said and done, we will have a fairly powerful ham station capable of reaching the far edges of Monroe County and beyond.

Upcoming projects include using modified Motorola Bravo pagers for paging over ham frequencies, and setting up a WinLink node to allow for e-mailing over ham radio.

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  1. 1 wz2b said at 3:48 pm on October 17th, 2014:

    I was thinking that it’s time to try to jump start packet radio again, specifically AMPRnet (TCP/IP over AX.25). It can’t succeed though without a critical mass. I’m willing to put in some effort to champion and organize, but knowing if there’s any other local interest would help motivate me. Anyone?

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