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Interlock heads to Maker Faire

Have you heard about Maker Faire? Probably. Well, this year, a group of us including three Interlock Members ended up going down to Queens for Maker Faire NYC 2011.

AntiTree:NYC Maker Faire 2011

Personally I don’t really consider myself a maker and have always been in the infosec hacker realm. I go to hacker cons like Defcon but Maker Faire was a new intense gathering of super positive people. Where else can you say you saw a giant hydrolic fire breathing dragon next to a one man drum corp.

Really the only reason I went down was to volunteer at the TOOOL booth with a couple of friends. I spent the weekend teaching kids and adults how to pick locks. I’ll just say that I don’t hang around kids very much but teaching an 8 year old how to pick locks was pretty freaking cool. But the highlight of my weekend was teaching an NYPD officer how to pick a master lock.


Yeah kid that IS a remote controlled drum machine

Just a fire breathing dragon… what?

NYC Maker Faire 2011

NYC Maker Faire 2011

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