Anniversary Achievement Unlocked

Posted by antitree on Thu 16 December 2010

Last Saturday, Interlock celebrated its one year anniversary.  Although this wasn't the original date of our inception, it was the agreed upon time to meet, discuss what we did the year before, announce plans for the year after, decide upon the budget, and share ideas that could help improve Interlock as a whole.

Our first year was packed with tasks necessary for putting together a hackerspace from the ground up.  Starting out, we were a group of people meeting in a coffee shop with an idea and we quickly transitioned into getting a space to call home, incorporating the organization and designing the bylaws for the group.  We worked with community leaders to attend events like Barcamp Rochester and partnered up with our friends at CoWorking Rochester for lightning talks. And in between all of that, we tried to make time for our personal projects.

It was fun to hear what members had been working on in the space this year. Arduinos, Apple 2c+ hacking, knitting, networking, photography, infosec, robotics, ham radio, makerbot plans, virtualization, lock picking, phone systems, classes, aerial photography, are just a few of the projects we worked on.

This coming year, we have some exciting new ideas for everyone  and the members have even more ideas for their own projects.  Some of those ideas are about improving Interlock for the public and our community like offering different membership options.  We're also working on ideas for a project we can work on as a group.

Finally as part of our business planning, we reviewed our financial situation and approved a budget.  You can take a look at our costs and where the money goes from 2010 below.

Financial numbers for 2010

A thanks goes out to all of our members and friends who donate their time, money, and ideas to our cause.  We seriously couldn't have done it without you.