Interlock is a non-profit organization that provides space for its members and the local community to develop and share their interests in science, technology, art, and culture.

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter visits the Space.

Congresswoman Louis Slaughter visit to Interlock centered around the idea that a small group of people can make an impact and rediscover the future. I may be embellishing a little but I do think there was a sense that even if we did not always agree that the conversation is always worth having. The 3D printers were a big hit as they usually are and Skip was on hand to demonstrate a few of his “little” projects.

Here Skip shows how the 3D printed prosthetic hand works to the Congressman. The hands are being made for e-NABLE an organization networking volunteers using 3D printers to make and give hands to children.

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

So at our last Lightning Talk at Interlock I shared my secret for making the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I’ve since had a few requests for the recipe and I’ve hesitated to give it out not because I think it’s a secret but because baking is a science and with all science it’s not always exact… the recipe will get you close but with so many variables to consider(1) you’ll have to experiment and take notes… just like in real science class.

Also if you are someone who expects perfection the first time then I suggest going to the nearest bakery and just buy your cookies. It’s easier and I won’t have to hear your complaints about how the recipe didn’t work for you.

So here are the recipes and the links for where I originally acquired them. Thank you Alton Brown for teaching me to love the Science of Baking.

20130430_152452  CCCookies-50

Notice in my image of the recipe they list cups instead of weights for the ingredients… if you want accuracy and consistency in your cookie then use the weight measurements… if you just want to make cookies then consult the photo. For larger view click on the image.

The Chewy (The inspiration for the best chocolate chip cookie ever)

The Puffy

The Thin

My secrets:

(1) Humidity, how loose or compact is your flour, what type of butter are you using, how many chocolate chips do you want to use, the size of your cookie scoop, how hot does your oven get, how much patience do you have, who will be eating the cookies (let’s face it you want to impress but not everyone deserves the best).

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