Electronics Class Recap

Posted by berticus on Sun 17 October 2010

In addition to being our weekly open night, last Tuesday was the first of five classes providing an introduction to electronic components, circuits, and methods. Attendance was great, and gratitude goes to our intrepid instructor, Carl, who did an excellent job of explaining these concepts for the layperson.

Cam's Pizzeria

Interlock would also like to extend a special thanks, from the bottom of our stomachs, to Cam's Pizzeria for providing free pizza to visitors and attendees of last week's class.

Missed The Class?

If you would like to take this course but were unable to attend the first class, fret not! You can catch up by reading the lecture notes, and there will be plenty of knowledgeable individuals to answer questions after the class or during the course labs on Thursday nights.

The course continues this Tuesday, October 19th at 8:00PM, and will go into further detail about how each component works and how they function within a circuit.