From Hermit To Ham: My New Antenna

Posted by Ben on Mon 15 August 2011

Ben's AntennaAfter graduating RIT this May with a BS in Information Technology, I moved out to rural Livingston County; some 30+ miles away from Interlock and downtown Rochester. Partially because of the distance to the local repeaters, and partially to impress the ladies, I picked up an Arrow Antenna dual-band (VHF/UHF) j-pole style antenna from our friend Steve KC2YTC along with a used 30' antenna mast. Installation entailed mounting the mast to the side of my house, installing the antenna, soldering the PL-259 connector to a coax cable (LMR-400 from hamfest) and running it down to my Yaesu FT-8800 that sits in my office. This ended up being a great little antenna and now I'm back talking with my friends on the Rochester repeaters. Special thanks to Chris N2CDO for help soldering the PL-259 connectors on the coax.

N0BDW is back on the air!

For all you Hams out there, check in to the Monroe County ARES/RACES net on 146.61 / 444.45 (N2MPE) repeater on Thursday nights at 9pm EST and you'll likely hear me there.

I'm also volunteering with Livonia Fire/EMS, so for the public safety scanning enthusiasts listen for 298[X] (EMS) or 25[X] (fire) on Livingston County Fire/EMS dispatch (46.16).