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Posted by berticus on Wed 02 December 2009

It's true. We're starting up a hackerspace in Rochester, New York. Please check out our Meetup page if you're already convinced you need to join us.

For everybody else, the about page is a good place to get up to speed with what's going on. In summary: we're creating a space in which we plan to make cool stuff, teach, learn, and race robots. We've already found a suitably grungy spot to inhabit:

The Final Space 1

The Final Space 2

which should be cleaned out and fixed up (by the landlords, thankfully) by early January. In the meantime we're having some really productive meetings every Tuesday night, and would love to see more potential members show up to give their input.


If you can't make the meetings, there are many options for getting in touch with us. I recommend our IRC channel, but you'll find more social-networky stuff on the contact page.