Interlock RepRapchester

Posted by interlockroc on Tue 06 December 2011

First Print! 1

We've got a 3d printer! It's still a bit "in progress" as far as building and tuning it goes, but anybody interested in small-scale hobby-level 3d printing should stop in to ogle as our new eMaker Huxley RepRap prints out whistles and gadgets and geegaws all night long.

The build was pretty involved, but with a group of four folks we managed to get the majority of the work done in one long Sunday, a time-lapse of which follows:

That resulted in the following structure, which just needed to have its nozzle and build platform installed (and quite a bit of wiring).

RepRap Huxley Build

With surprisingly little calibration and tinkering, we finally got our first fully printed part last Friday, the semi-traditional whistle model. The quality is really good already, and will get a bit better once we tweak some settings and really get the machine purring.

First Print! 2

OpenSCAD Interlock Logo

I think the nozzle is clogged now, unfortunately. So my goal tonight is to clear that out and get plastic extruding again, and then try to print out the interlock logo, which you can see above, extruded from a DXF file in openSCAD. Come visit, and bring a model you might want to print! There's plenty of inspiration and/or finished "things" on Thingiverse if you don't know where to start, and we'll have a class soon on how to go from and idea to a 3d print... so stay tuned!