New Space!

Posted by interlockroc on Tue 22 November 2011

The Workshop

It's true, we've managed to move all of our gear and junk into a new space. We're in the same building, but we've now got over twice the space, and some delineation between a workshop sort of room, and other rooms that are more office-like. Above, you can see a shot of the new workshop. It's pretty close to the size of our entire previous space, and we're excited to fill it up with useful tools and fun projects. The first step though, was painting:

In addition to having more space, we also finally got roof access. That, plus a particularly motivated new-ish member (Walter), means that we already have a respectable antenna farm installed up there, perfect for the roughly 50% of our membership with ham licenses.

Antenna Farm

We've set aside a whole room for all the ham gear and a secondary electronics workbench (although it's already surpassing the main bench as far as sweet gear goes).

The Ham Shack

Hammy Shack

The network goons have a server closet now, so normal humans can be isolated from the constant whine of small fans and hard drives.

Server Room

There's a large room set up as a classroom or conference room, perfect for some upcoming classes that are in the works, and nicely isolated from other noisy activities in the space. I reckon we can accommodate a dozen people per class, if they all need hands-on desk space, and more if it's just rows of chairs.

The Classroom / Conference Room

There's more to the space that hasn't been shown here. Three more rooms in fact... some of which we're not quite sure what to do with. If you want to see more pictures, there's always our flickr group, or better yet: come visit us in person! Check out our calendar for a schedule of events and open nights.