new spaces galore

Posted by dzho on Sat 09 February 2013

Just thought I'd take some time to catch us all up on several recent developments beyond Interlock, but somewhat local, that are relevant to our interests.

Rochester Brainery logo

Last month, I read in the local paper of the formation of the Rochester Brainery, opening early next month in the Village Gate, across the Goodman Street railyard from us here at Interlock and our neighbors at the Hungerford.

Smokestack Coworking logo

We'll always owe a debt to Dave at Coworking Rochester for helping us get started by offering space and moral support during some of our bigger early organizational meetings, before we settled on a space of our own to rent. Still, it's interesting to see people coming together in another coworking space in town, Smokestack Coworking, High Falls area.

Here's hoping they both thrive and complement each other.

Ithaca Generator logo

Last month we received a visitor from Ithaca, José, who traveled up with a couple of friends maybe to join what he thought at the time was the closest hackerspace to him. I had a great time talking with him, so it was a little bittersweet to tell him Ithaca Generator has recently gotten off to what looks like a good start and might just meet his needs without the long drive.

I wasn't able to make it to their open house back in December. But, I
did visit with some family over the holidays who were able to go and got to see the party favors they made at the open house. Fun. Look like good things are in store for the hands-on, DIY hacker and maker community in Ithaca.

Buffalo Labs logo

We've also been having a friend, Joe, make the trip from Niagara Falls every so often to visit, which has had us asking how things are going at Buffalo Lab. Figured we've give them a shout out while we're at it.

[placehold for eventual Rochester Makerspace logo]

Last, but hopefully not least, the most recent big news is a much-anticipated step for the group calling themselves Rochester Makerspace. They've rented a space a little north of downtown, on St. Paul Street. Just Tuesday they had a get-together with pizza at the new location.

Though the planning for this new space has been careful and deliberate, ongoing since at least this last summer, they now are moving towards ambitious goals to grow fast. I continue eagerly to await the opening of another maker-friendly space in Rochester, expected some time in March.