Open House: New Space

Posted by antitree on Thu 15 March 2012


Hello hackers. Look at your office. Now look at the hackerspace. Now back at your office. Now back to the space. Sadly, your office doesn't look like the hacker space. Do you know what the new hackerspace looks like? No? Well now's your opportunity. I'm on a horse.

Tomorrow, Friday 3/16, at 7pm we are throwing an open house at the space. Of course it's free, we just want to show off our new digs. It's probably a perfect time for you to visit if you've never been. Or if you've only seen the old tiny space, see what we have to offer now.

Just so we can figure out how many people are coming, click on this link to get a ticket:

Here's what to expect:


Hacking makes you hungry. As a reward for stopping by on a Friday night, we'll be feeding you. Members are bringing in food in a pot-luck style. Mostly things to nibble at so bring an appetite. Eating and hacking; does it get better? Well... yeah but it's still pretty cool right?


The most common question that we get. "What are you working on?" To try and answer that, we've created mini presentations about what people do at the space. Here's what we have so far:

  • Amateur radio workshop run by JustBill and Walter
  • Introduction to lockpicking run by Antitree
  • 3D printer presentation and possible demo by Berticus
  • Basics of electronics run by RoboAlex
  • Bicycle repair run by BinaryMan

Hackerspace Tour

 Here are some things to check out while you're at the space:

  • Rooms: Meeting room, hang out room, table hackers room, workshop area, Ham shack
  • Network infrastructure
  • Pen plotters
  • 3D printers
  • Metal lathe and wood working tools
  • Ham radio shack
  • Electronics workbench