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How Do I… Burp Suite Web Proxy

We’ll be continuing our seminar series showing the basics of various tools for each of Interlock’s interest groups. In October, we’ll have our first How Do I (HDI) related to security — Burp Suite.

Burp Suite is an HTTP/HTTPS proxy tool that can help you better understand how a web application works. Designed for security, it allows anyone to man-in-the-middle(MITM) web traffic, learn how a web application works, and manipulate the traffic to see how the application responds. Uses include:

– debugging your web application to find why it doesn’t work
– identifying and exploiting security vulnerabilities
– using it to inspect mobile traffic
– answering the question … “I wonder how that works”

The seminar will start with a basic presentation about the Burp Suite tools which is provided free to download.[0] The class will walk through identifying vulnerabilities in a demo web site. All attendees are expected to bring a laptop (Linux, OSX, or Windows) or coordinate borrowing one before the workshop. If you have the ram to support it, it’s also recommended you run Vmware Player / Workstation / Fusion on your system.

If you’re interested, please RSVP on the meetup site below. As always, the workshop is open to the public for free. Please consider dropping a few dollars in the donation bucket.



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Since clocks are a “thing” now, and people are thinking about building them, the space will be open this Saturday from noon to 4PM. If anyone wants to come and build their clock or teach someone else how to do it, come on by. We have a few Ardiunos for sale and many random electrical bits around but you will need some parts and plans.

Here are some links that Jason found to get you thinking.

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How Do I …. Get Started with Arduino

The class last week went very well but attendance was a little less than expected. Everyone got a great intro to Arduino programming and simple circuits. There were no slides but we used these websites during the class:

These are the official Arduino sites for downloading the IDE and buying parts that support the Arduino creators. You can buy Arduino products at other sites for a little less or you can buy arduino knock offs for a lot cheaper but the site supports the people creating the platform. Other sites I like to use are

The Arduino IDE contains lots of examples for using the Arduino boards and if needed they include the Processing code to run on the host system.


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