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How Do I …. Get Started with Arduino

The class last week went very well but attendance was a little less than expected. Everyone got a great intro to Arduino programming and simple circuits. There were no slides but we used these websites during the class:

These are the official Arduino sites for downloading the IDE and buying parts that support the Arduino creators. You can buy Arduino products at other sites for a little less or you can buy arduino knock offs for a lot cheaper but the site supports the people creating the platform. Other sites I like to use are

The Arduino IDE contains lots of examples for using the Arduino boards and if needed they include the Processing code to run on the host system.


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Flock to Fedora is this week!

As you might know, Interlock is pretty into the idea of Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) and technology and when we heard that Fedora was planning their annual con, Flock To Fedora, here in Rochester, we were pretty excited. There are a ton different talks in various categories including Linux desktop, infrastructure, security, kernel, and hardware. Check out the schedule here:


There are also some side events happening like the GPG Key Signing event and amateur radio exam session. See you there!

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Interlock Wireless Upgrades

Often as time goes the team that runs Interlock IT infrastructure needs to make updates and upgrades to our systems.   This has happened recently with the upgraded wireless infrastructure right here at Interlock.  While this was done about a month back, full production cut over happened earlier this week.  We were using a Meraki (Cisco) based wireless system.  While nice, it had an annual renewal cost that was unfortunately not sustainable for us.  After much research and thoughtful debate, the decision was to use a Ubiquiti based wireless system. Here are some action shots of the team installing them.

20150428_193446  20150428_201328 image

Wonderfully professional install if you ask me.  Here is a nice image of the layout.



As you can see we have upgraded to having a 5 Ghz AP as well.  If you want to use it please be aware that we have some new SSIDs created.  INTLK-Member (for members) and INTLK-Guest (for guests).

Please enjoy your new wireless experience at Interlock Rochester.

JustBill — an Interlock NetAdmin

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