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Flock to Fedora is this week!

As you might know, Interlock is pretty into the idea of Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) and technology and when we heard that Fedora was planning their annual con, Flock To Fedora, here in Rochester, we were pretty excited. There are a ton different talks in various categories including Linux desktop, infrastructure, security, kernel, and hardware. Check out the schedule here:


There are also some side events happening like the GPG Key Signing event and amateur radio exam session. See you there!

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Interlock Wireless Upgrades

Often as time goes the team that runs Interlock IT infrastructure needs to make updates and upgrades to our systems.   This has happened recently with the upgraded wireless infrastructure right here at Interlock.  While this was done about a month back, full production cut over happened earlier this week.  We were using a Meraki (Cisco) based wireless system.  While nice, it had an annual renewal cost that was unfortunately not sustainable for us.  After much research and thoughtful debate, the decision was to use a Ubiquiti based wireless system. Here are some action shots of the team installing them.

20150428_193446  20150428_201328 image

Wonderfully professional install if you ask me.  Here is a nice image of the layout.



As you can see we have upgraded to having a 5 Ghz AP as well.  If you want to use it please be aware that we have some new SSIDs created.  INTLK-Member (for members) and INTLK-Guest (for guests).

Please enjoy your new wireless experience at Interlock Rochester.

JustBill — an Interlock NetAdmin

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The Shelves Of Potential Awesome!


Hi all! I’d like to formally announce something that we’ve (kinda) been working on for a little while now.


It is a library of sorts…  The idea is this:  If you want to try out one of the dev kits that are there, you can sign them out for your own use.  Preferrably something that you will write a blog post for. 😉  but even if you just want to sit down with one and mess with it for a week or two, go for it!

Here’s a list of what’s currently available on the shelf:

In that list you will find an inventory ID that matches the ID on the tag attached to each package.  You will also find a contact person who may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction for what these things are, how to use them, etc.

For now, these items are borrow-only.  We are working on a way for these items to be purchasable in the future.  For example, if you start using one, and integrate it into your awesome project, we would like for there to be a way for you to purchase it from the space. If there’s something you want to borrow, contact Scott to check it out. We’ll eventually have some sort of fancy computer-assisted self-operated inventory system, but for now, we’ll go with this.


We are looking for more borrow-donations for the shelf! If you have more, please let us know!  I’d like to make more Arduino boards available, as well as modernish laptops and possibly retro computers for people to borrow and play with.

In the near future, I will be setting up a laptop or two with a guest account to be stored there for borrowing in case you want to work on something at the space but forgot your own kit at home.


There is also a CD case disguised as a “1997 MSDN Subscription” box.  This is currently filled with empty disc sleeves, but in the future, it will be populated with various install media for various old and new hardware.  I will be bringing in disc media for some obsolete systems to be put in there. I’d like for one of you Linux Master Craftspeople to burn a copy or two of the current preferred desktop/server/32/64/whatever discs to be stored in there.  We will catalog the contents as things get added.


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