Electronic Drum Set

I wanted to tell you my progress in making the electronic drum set.  The drum pads/cymbals/cowbell is a peizzo element sandwiched between 1/4 inch MDF and foam pad.  The peizzo is wired to a 1/4 inch phono jack.  The drum module was the part that I looked into before starting this project.  Finally found MicroDrum that interfaces with an Arduino and can connect 48 different drums.  It is cheaper then getting a profession drum module that can do 10.  I am just in the middle of making foot pedals for the base drum and the hi-hat pedal that is made out of 1/2 inch MDF, hinge and spring.  The base drum is a peizzo and the hi-hat is a momentary on-switch.


Drum Module



IMG_20141216_203647 (1)

Cymbals and Cowbell



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Keeping it together with Trello

At our December monthly meeting, Joe Hale demonstrated Trello, a web-based productivity system based on the supply-chain management concept of kanban.  A Trello board is made of “lists” of self-contained “cards.” Each card should have all of the information needed to take action, such as to-do checklists, photos, links to documentation, etc.  The state of the card is indicated by the name of its list (“Ideas”, “Active”, “Need Help”, etc).  The “goal” is for the cards to move from left to right as ideas progress from vague concepts to completed projects.

Trello at a glance: here's some of our ideas and active projects.

Trello at a glance: here’s some of our ideas and active projects.

It’s important for all of us to know what projects are underway at Interlock.  Many of us have particular skills or equipment that could help a project move along, or we might simply be interested in learning more by collaborating.  While it’s great to get together and talk about plans in person each month, it’s impossible to get all of us together at the same time with any regularity, and sometimes inspiration hits at weird times.  Having an easy mechanism to jot down ideas, track the progress of projects, and collaborate with others is helping us be more effective and creative already, and the detailed records of a project evolving should help us blog with more regularly!

Please feel free to browse our public projects board to see what we’re up to between our monthly meetings.  If you’re an Interlock member and would like access, create a Trello account and then let Joe or another board member know your username.

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Announcing Our New Board of Directors

Every year, we have an annual meeting to hang out, throw a party, and elect a new board of directors based on our company bylaws. We are happy to announce a lot of new faces ready to bring some ideas to the space.

Our new president, Scott Lawrence brings his background in electronics, software development, antique computer hardware, electronic reverse engineering, and Legos to the position. Carl Schmidtmann will complete a second term as Vice President providing his knowledge of numerous subjects including super computers, Linux, electronics and all kinds of subjects. A relatively new member, Joe Hale is welcomed in as our Secretary.  Bill Horst-Kotter will be representing the “Member at Large” position.

We are especially excited about our new treasurer, Ryan Tucker, as he has been investing time into  improving our financial situation, helping to make it easier to take in donations as a newly 501c3, and making sure that money is being spent wisely. As a member, Ryan will continue to leak out his knowledge related to RF, software-defined radios, software development, electronics, networking, and all kinds of interesting subjects we have yet to discover.

We look forward to the next generation of Interlock Rochester’s board of directors.

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