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Arduino Day 2015 pics

Some pics for you all of the fun that was had at Interlock on #ArduinoD15

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Pirate Box, Aaarrr!!!

Finally a project I finished. I made a Pirate Box. Pirate Box is a Wi-Fi device that people can connect to and share files anonymously because it isn’t connected to the Internet.

Started with a Raspberry Pi B+, Eleduino case, 8 GB microSD card, 32 GB memory stick and a TP-Link TL-WN722N USB Wireless Adapter.




This is what it looks like completed.



When you connect with Wi-FI to “Pirate Box – Share Freely” it will show the following screen with a chat program and flie upload. (Looking to change the SSID in the future.)

Screenshot from 2015-03-28 08:18:21



This is the message board.

Screenshot from 2015-03-28 08:21:00

And the files that are uploaded to be shared.

Screenshot from 2015-03-28 08:23:40


This would be prefect to use to exchange encryption keys at BSidesRoc or have the presenters post their papers to share with the public.

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Arduino Day 2015 – Schedule

Screenshot 2015-03-26 21.54.10

We’re still working through exactly what will be presented on Saturday for Arduino Day, but here’s a rough idea… We can always adjust content based on the attending audience… And if more people show up in the afternoon or evening, we can always run through things again. We’re going to play this a lot by-ear.

More about Arduino Day can be found here…

We will be running an Arduino project challenge contest! Using an Arduino (or related micro), along with any resources and tools in the Interlock space, and/or materials you bring yourself, what cool thing can you build?  Some old hardware (printers, scanners, misc parts) will be available to take apart… Judging will happen at 9:30, points will be awarded for usefulness, niftiness, artistic quality, and technical depth…   The winner(s) will get something, to be determined. 😉

Throughout the day, we’ll have the doors open for all who want to visit and participate, or just check us and our space out. We’ll be around all day to help you with your Arduino project, or get help from you on our projects! 😉


10:00 am – Doors open, Coffee will be available, get settled in, get to know each other. Project workshop time as well (throughout the day)

11:00 am – Intro to Arduino – What it is, how to use it, some basic interfacing with buttons and lights.

Noon – Lunch!  Sub sandwiches and beverages will be available.

1:00 pm – Project Circus – show off your project.  casual presentations.

2:00 pm – Arduino Communications – How to get your computer to talk with the Ardy, and get them to talk with devices.

3:00 pm – Analog interfacing with Alex – how to work with other kinds of peripherals

4:00 pm –  Project Circus

5:00 pm – Dinner! Pizza and beverages will be available.

6:00 pm – Workshop Time (or TBD)

7:00 pm – Workshop Time (or TBD)

8:00 pm – Workshop Time (or TBD)

9:00 pm – Project Challenge voting! (at 9:30)

10:00 pm – End of the event.  We’ll probably stick around for a while anyway.

You can RSVP over on the Meetup page for this event…


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