Announcing Our New Board of Directors

Posted by interlockroc on Mon 08 December 2014

Every year, we have an annual meeting to hang out, throw a party, and elect a new board of directors based on our company bylaws. We are happy to announce a lot of new faces ready to bring some ideas to the space.

Our new president, Scott Lawrence brings his background in electronics, software development, antique computer hardware, electronic reverse engineering, and Legos to the position. Carl Schmidtmann will complete a second term as Vice President providing his knowledge of numerous subjects including super computers, Linux, electronics and all kinds of subjects. A relatively new member, Joe Hale is welcomed in as our Secretary.  Bill Horst-Kotter will be representing the "Member at Large" position.

We are especially excited about our new treasurer, Ryan Tucker, as he has been investing time into  improving our financial situation, helping to make it easier to take in donations as a newly 501c3, and making sure that money is being spent wisely. As a member, Ryan will continue to leak out his knowledge related to RF, software-defined radios, software development, electronics, networking, and all kinds of interesting subjects we have yet to discover.

We look forward to the next generation of Interlock Rochester's board of directors.