Join us for Arduino Day!

Posted by BleuLlama on Sat 14 March 2015

Arduino Day 2015

Coming up on March 28th, is Arduino Day!  It's a worldwide celebration of that little blue board that we all know (or have possibly seen, or maybe you haven't...) Regardless of your skill and knowledge level with Arduino boards, we will have something fun for you.

A full schedule of events has been posted here...

All day: Workshop time - Work on your project, get help on hardware and software...

We will have a few spare boards to work with, bring your computer and have some fun!

Come by and visit, stay for a while, stay for the day! Join us for a seminar, meal or snacks...  We will have the doors unlocked all day.  Bring projects you've worked on in the past, projects you'd like help on, or ideas for projects we can work on together!