BSidesROC: Free Hacker Con For Security Nerds

Posted by antitree on Mon 07 May 2012

Saturday May 12th is the second annual BSidesROC hacker con. It's Rochester's only "Hacker con" and Interlock will be there running a booth and showing support. Come visit our table.


What to expect

If you've never been to a hacker con, it's a bit different than your standard conference. Don't expect the venue to be a hotel. In fact, it'll be at an old Masonic Temple inside the Auditorium Center.


There will be a lock picking village where the local Rochester TOOOL chapter will be around to teach people how to pick locks and the issues involved with physical security. They'll also be selling lock picks to attendees.

Other stuff for those interested:

  • a dozen or so presentations about information security by industry professionals
  • a capture the flag hacker games competition
  • a hacker puzzle to figure out during the con
  • free breakfast and lunch

If you're interested in more specifics check out these other blog posts: BSidesROC Part I: Define hackercon BSidesROC Part II: Hack All The Things

How To Attend

Attendance is free but requires that you sign up before hand. Go HEREto sign up. The conference starts at 8am so be there early to get the breakfast.