I now pronounce you hacker and wife

Posted by antitree on Mon 17 December 2012

This weekend, Interlock participated in two milestone events: Our third annual meeting, which we'll talk about in another post, and one of our members getting married. Walter (N2VBP) and Cheryl have finally tied the knot to  make it official.


Attendees were friends and family of the couple including Walter 's daughters who he setup on Skype to stream the wedding live. Our resident video podcaster Radical Geek recorded the ceremony and I, with my newly acquired credentials from the Universal Life Church Monastery that I signed up for on the Internet, solemnized the wedding.



Brian, also decided to do a 3D sculpture of the Walter and Cheryl so he took a bunch of pictures as they held hands. With the help of some software, he'll be able to turn them into a 3D model and hopefully print them out so they look like cake toppers. Congratulations guys!