Linux Workshop

Posted by carl on Thu 16 February 2012


At the January Linux Workshop several people needed their systems updated. New versions of Linux Mint and SUSE were loaded. Experiments were done with other distros so each machine had multiple systems loaded . So a lot of discussing current events in the Linux world while we waited for installs to finish.


The other project was to figure out how to downgrade FireFox on Ubuntu. FireFox 9 broke a plugin but there appears to be no way to downgrade back to FireFox 8 on Ubuntu. Apparently all the older versions of FireFox have been removed from the repositories. The older version can be downloaded and installed manually but the requirement is for a simple maintainable way to install so old laptops can be supplied to kids with the kid friendly FireFox plugin. The plugin is just a version of a Windows app that uses IE so now the challenge will be to see if that app will run in wine. Maybe we'll have an answer by next month.