Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2016 - Recap

Posted by BleuLlama on Sat 19 November 2016


Today was the 2016 Rochester Mini Maker Faire in the Riverside Convention Center.  We had a blast, and hope you all did too.  As you can see in the photos, we had quite the nice spread of things we were displaying and demoing.  Here's a list of things that we showed.  Many of these will become links in the future, as we add more detailed descriptions about the projects...  (from left to right)

  • R.U.D.I. - Rudimentary Utility Droid Intelligence from Bill HK
  • Raspberry Pi Backup Server - Carl
  • Merlin-duino - Arduino Pro Mini and RGB LEDs in a 1980s Merlin game - Scott
  • Amibian - RasPi running the UAE Amiga Emulator and our info slideshow - Scott
  • LED Interlock Sign - "Interlock" in bright friendly letters - Carl
  • Walter - Motion Capture Puppet in Technic Lego, etc - Scott
  • Friendly Plastic - Low-melting-temperature moldable plastic - Joe


Here's a brief recap of our experiences with the event...


  • We ran out of 160 fliers.  I should have printed more.  I just didn't understand the volume of demand.
  • One potentiometer failed hard on Walter.  His mouth wouldn't open correctly.


  • We ran out of fliers!  We had so much interest that all 160 fliers were gone!  (see below for the solution key for the puzzles on the back!
  • Check-in and interaction with all event people was awesome.
  • Dan ran another great event! Thanks Dan!
  • We had 4 members who were there for the full day, running demos and talking with people. (Scott, Carl, Bill HK, Joe)
  • Carl brought a delicious pastry for us all to share, and Bill brought some refreshing water. THANK YOU!

All in all, it was a great day, and I am super thankful to you all for participating!

Note: On the back of our handout (before we ran out of them) were a few puzzles to do.  In case you got stuck on them, or want to check your work, here are the solutions: